Pacific Cod 15
Battered wild pacific cod, ambrosia apple slaw, avocado, salsa, sour cream

Sweet Chili Prawn 15
Pan-fried prawns, sweet chili sauce, ambrosia apple slaw, pickled onions, sour cream

Cajun Chicken 14
Cajun chicken breast, coleslaw, fried onions, peppers, salsa, sour cream, cheese

Pulled Pork 13
House braised BBQ pulled pork, chipotle aioli, salsa, coleslaw, pickled onions

Veggie 14
Fried yams, avocado, coleslaw, black bean salsa, chipotle


Cajun Prawns 13
Pan-fried, garlic Cajun prawns

Sliders 13
Three fresh ground chuck sliders, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle aioli

Buck Shots 13
Marinated pork bites ●Honey Mustard
●Sweet Chili ● Garlic Aioli

Chicken Wings 13
Juicy breaded chicken wings ● hot, BBQ, honey garlic, teriyaki, blue moon, sweet chili, lemon pepper, Cajun, salt & pepper

Chicken Tenders 14
Breaded tender chicken strips, fries
Plum● Honey Mustard● BBQ

Poutine 12
Fries, authentic cheese curds, house made beef gravy

Mozza Sticks 13
Crispy fried mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce

Jumbo Onion Rings 8
Yam Fries 8
Pickle Fries 8
Fries 6


Ambrosia Apple Salad 14
Local mixed greens, feta, shaved ambrosia apples, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, cucumber, pickled onions, honey Jack vinaigrette

Southwest Chicken Salad 16
Cajun chicken breast, romaine lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, black beans, corn, onions, corn tortilla chips, mixed cheese, buttermilk ranch, salsa, sour cream

Halibut Salad 17
Pan seared lemon pepper halibut filet, mixed greens, pickled beets, roasted sunflower seeds, sweet onions, feta cheese, honey Jack vinaigrette

Mixed Greens 7/10
Caesar Salad 8/11

Grilled Sirloin 10
Prawns 6
Chicken Breast 4
Feta Cheese 2


All burgers are served on Portofino Bakery breads (gluten free option available) or in a wrap and topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle, with your choice of fries, soup, or mixed greens

Red Barn Bacon 3 ● Cheese 2 ● Avocado 2 ● Mushrooms 2 ● Gravy 2 1/2 Fries 1/2 Salad 2 ● Onion Rings 4 ● Poutine 4 ● Yam Fries 3 ● Caesar Salad 2.5

Classic Beef 13
House made gourmet patty, cheddar cheese, garlic aioli

Loaded 17
The Classic, Red Barn bacon, sautéed mushrooms, garlic aioli

Brewskys BBQ 16
House made patty, gouda, BBQ sauce, onion ring, garlic aioli

Pacific Halibut 17
Pan seared pacific halibut, lemon pepper, house made tartar, apple slaw

Crispy Cod 15
Tempura cod, house made tartar, apple slaw

Crispy Chicken Bacon 17
Crispy chicken breast, Red Barn bacon, gouda, garlic aioli

Taco Chicken 17
Corn tortilla breaded chicken breast, hot sauce, guacamole, Edam and mozzarella cheese, chipotle aioli

Bistro Chicken 17
Grilled chicken breast, Brie, Red Barn bacon, spicy tomato jam, garlic aioli

Pork Schnitzel 16
House tenderized schnitzel, gouda, gravy, garlic aioli

The Herbivore 14
Veggie patty, goat cheese, caramelized onions, pesto aioli

The Dominator 20
Two beef patties, Red Barn bacon, spicy fried onions, BBQ sauce, garlic aioli. Topped with a chicken wing!


All sandwiches are served on Portofino Bakery breads (gluten free option available) and served with your choice of fries, soup, or mixed greens

1/2 Fries 1/2 Salad 2 ● Onion Rings 4 ● Poutine 4 ● Yam Fries 3 ● Caesar Salad 2.5

Beef Dip 15
AAA roast beef, spicy fried onions and horseradish aioli, toasted pretzel bun, au jus

Classic Grilled Cheese 13
Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, and mozzarella, grilled sourdough

Veggie Wrap 14
Avocado, feta, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, pesto aioli, grilled flour tortilla

B.L.A.T. 14
Red Barn double smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, chipotle aioli

Pulled Pork 14
House slow roasted BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, crispy fried onions, chipotle aioli, toasted pretzel hoagie

Clubhouse 16
Grilled chicken, Red Barn bacon, lettuce, tomato, gouda cheese, pesto aioli, grilled garlic Ciabatta


All pizzas are served on a traditional flatbread crust

Classic 15
Calabrese salami, mushrooms, fire roasted tomato sauce

West Coast Veggie 15
Peppers, mushrooms, olives, fresh tomato, caramelized onions, feta, pesto

BBQ Chicken 16
Chicken breast, peppers, red onion, banana peppers, BBQ sauce, fire roasted tomato sauce

Chorizo 17
Chorizo, Red Barn bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, banana peppers

Brie and Bacon 17
Triple cream Brie, Red Barn bacon, basil, fresh apple, caramelized onions, walnuts, garlic olive oil, balsamic reduction


Jambalaya 17
Sautéed black tiger prawns, grilled chicken breast, chorizo, onions, bell peppers, spicy house made marinara sauce, steamed jasmine rice, naan bread

Butter Chicken 17
Homemade butter chicken, steamed jasmine rice, traditional Indian flat bread

Quesadilla 16
Cajun Chuck● Cajun Chicken● BBQ Pork Edam and mozzarella, veggies, flour tortilla, pico de gallo, sour cream

Halibut 17/20 Cod 13/17
Beer battered fresh fish, fries, tartar, coleslaw


Sticky Toffee Pudding 7
Hot Brownie Sundae 7


Beer EA/6-pack

Bud, Blue, Lucky – 4/20

Driftwood Fat Tug – 5/22
Phillips Blue Buck – 5/22
Hoyne Pilsner – 5/22
Hoyne Dark Matter – 5/22

Corona   5/24


Growers Extra Dry Apple – 5/22 6pk
Strongbow – 6/22 4pk

Wine – bottle
Wayne Gretzky Estates Chardonnay – 22
Red Rooster Pinot Grigio – 25
Sandhill Merlot – 25
Wayne Gretzky Estates Cab Syrah – 22

Spirits – 375ml/750ml

Bacardi Dark Rum – 20/33
Smirnoff Vodka – 20/35
Wisers Black Label Rye – 20/33
Bombay Sapphire – 22/40
Grants Scotch – 22/40

Pop/Mix – EA/6-pack

Coke – 2/8
Diet Coke – 2/8
Soda – 2/8
Ginger Ale – 2/8